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Car park France Stadium

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8 mai 1945
93200 Saint-Denis
Partner INDIGO
4 Pl. du Caquet, 93200 Saint-Denis
Partner INDIGO
Marché du Centre
5 Rue Pasteur, 93300 Aubervilliers
Partner INDIGO

Car park France Stadium

 Stade de France Parking

Located in Saint-Denis, the Stade de France was designed by the architectural firm of Macary, Zublena, Regembal, Costantini. It was built to host the FIFA World Cup in France in 1998 and will host the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. During the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Stade de France, the largest stadium in France, transforms into an Olympic stadium after having been the host of the country's biggest sporting events over the past three decades. Reserve your parking space at the Stade de France with Indigo Neo and enjoy your match, concert, or sporting event in peace!

Nearby Parking Lots

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Park and Ride Facilities

  • INDIGO Magenta Parking - RER B Transport: 16 min
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  • INDIGO Sébastopol-Les Halles Parking - RER B & RER D Transport: 19 min
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  • INDIGO Place Saint-Michel Parking - RER B Transport: 20 min

Other parking lots are available with travel times ranging from 22 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes. Find them here.

The Stade de France

Thanks to Indigo Neo, you can easily park in a parking lot at the Stade de France, located in the Plaine Saint-Denis district, in the city of Saint-Denis, north of Paris. Construction of the Stade de France began in 1995 in preparation for hosting the 1998 FIFA World Cup. It was notably inaugurated on July 28, 1998, on the occasion of a friendly match between France and Spain. The first concert at the Stade de France took place on July 25, 1998, featuring the Rolling Stones.

This football stadium is the largest in France. Indeed, it can accommodate more than 81,000 people during matches, and over 90,000 during concerts. The Stade de France hosts numerous sporting events (FIFA World Cup, Six Nations Tournament...) as well as large-scale concerts (Céline Dion, AC/DC, Madonna, Johnny Hallyday...).

Getting to the Stade de France

If you're driving there, remember to reserve your parking space at the Stade de France with Indigo Neo and take advantage of advantageous rates. You can also park your car in Paris and take public transportation. Indeed, the Stade de France is served by RER B and D, metro line 13, and tramway T8. Many bus lines also make it easy to reach the stadium.

Reserve Parking at the Stade de France with Indigo Neo

In anticipation of an upcoming match or concert, don't hesitate to reserve your parking space at the Stade de France with Indigo Neo! By logging on to our website or directly from the mobile app (available on iPhone and Android), you can easily find the parking lot you want and reserve your parking space in advance, guaranteeing you a better price! No need for a ticket anymore, Indigo Neo makes parking easier with hands-free access (Bluetooth, license plate recognition...)!

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