Mechelen Keerdok car park

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Car access
Antonia Wolversstraat, 2800 Malines


Take advantage of parking sessions at a reduced price.

How to go to car park Mechelen Keerdok?

Access guide

How to access the car park?

At your arrival at the Mechelen Keerdok parking lot, located at Antonia Wolversstraat, 2800 Mechelen, present yourself in front of the gate. No need to take a ticket: access is by license plate recognition and the gate will open automatically.

How to retrieve your vehicle?

When heading back to the Mechelen Keerdok parking lot, enter through one of the pedestrian accesses equipped with an Indigo Neo entry code. To display the pedestrian access code, go to your ongoing parking session in the Indigo Neo app. When you exit, your license plate will also be recognized and the gate will open.

Where to park?

Placement libre

Access types
License plate reading