Place Nelson Mandela car park

Car access
30 Rue James-Hilliard Polk, 3275 Bettembourg
Parking available without bookingGo
100% secure payment
Ticket-free access
24/7 customer support

How to go to car park Place Nelson Mandela?

Access guide

How to access the car park?

At your arrival at the Place Nelson Mandela parking lot, located at 30 Rue James-Hilliard Polk, 3275 Bettembourg, present yourself in front of the gate and take a ticket.

How to retrieve your vehicle?

Cuando regreses al aparcamiento Place Nelson Mandela, entra por el acceso peatonal. A continuación, podrás pagar tu tiempo de estacionamiento en los cajeros automáticos habilitados para ello.

Where to park?

Any available space